Thank you to all the people who have led me to where I am today.

Tom & Anne Lewis - For being supportive and not trying to choose another career for me.

Stewart Lewis - For convincing me that vampires couldn't survive in Alaska because the sun was out too much in the summer, and it was too cold in the winter. (I don't care what 30 Days of Night says, I'll always believe you were right.)

Hirofumi Nagaoka - For making Japanese my favorite class in high school and changing the direction of my life. Also for forcing me to take home that application for YFU.

Charles Scott - For introducing me to martial arts. Which, in turn, provided much of the joy in my life.

Deb Jackel – For accepting me into your first-year course. I don’t know what you saw at the end of the summer session, but I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity. Also for never accepting anything less than 100%. You planted a seed that became a sapling.

Ted Morin – I don’t know how you do the magic that you do, but it works miracles.

Karen Chamberlain – For raising a tree from a sapling.

Sacha Iskra – For all the work we’ve done together, but especially for Spoon River.

Jillian Bell – For being patient and accepting of me as my first acting partner.

Sean O’Halloran and Emayatzy E Corinealdi – For showing me what repetition was supposed to look like. I may not have been able to do it, but at least I knew what I was trying to do.

Sam Nicholson - For making this awesome web page.